1 year Diploma Program to 3 years PGWP

Kathy Dapal

Do international students ever stop evolving in Canada? The answer is no! Yet again, Canada has been proven a country of opportunity and possibilities. Meet Kathy Dapal, a former International student currently residing in Waterloo, Ontario. She is also a graduate of Conestoga College. Learn about her journey in Canada and how she continues to thrive and turn lemons into lemonade. Keep reading!

It’s no surprise CISM has come across another International Student success story.  According to Kathy Dapal, her experience from the Philippines is nothing like her experience in Canada. Canada is incomparable, by her terms, and coming here was really the right decision for her when planning out her life goals. Find out how Kathy made the most of her experience and turned a 2-year diploma into 3-years of PGWP. Through her experience as an international student, she hopes her story, tips, and tricks will influence soon-to-be International students from all around the world. 

Kathy Dapal made the strategic decision at the beginning of her journey to take two, 1-year programs to equate it to three years worth of PGWP. Normally, in the Canadian immigration system, a student will be given the same amount of years they were enrolled as a student, for their PGWP. A 1-year program may only lead to at least 8 months of PGWP. But because Kathy took two 1-year programs, she was able to attain three years of PGWP. 

Kathy was enrolled in two programs. The first being the Integrated communications post-grad certificate and the second program was the events management post-grad certificate. 

Link: Conestoga Programs 

Kathy’s independence is admirable. Being an International student is no easy feat. After hearing of her sister’s experience, Kathy began researching the possibilities of studying and living in Canada herself, and  Instantly fell in love with the idea of it. Of course, there was more to it. Already employed in the Philippines with an events agency, Kathy saw an opportunity to improve her skills in this field and become a better version of herself. In addition to this Kathy wanted to explore more of her independence, and what the world would be like for her when she ventured out on her own. 

One thing we hear the most at CISM is that Canada will exceed your expectations. We all come here as International students expecting to just study and live our lives, but once you get here your life will just blossom. 

Now on the search for a full-time job, Kathy hopes to find a job that really fits her field. As well as help her meet the PErmanent residency requirements. But for now, Kathy has been working at a call center in order to achieve her goals for PR. Although, what she currently does now is not similar to her field, Kathy still find ways in which the two are connected. No matter where you work, employment skills are always transferable. 

According to Kathy, in her line of work, the best thing you can do is network. We’re not just talking about meeting random individuals and going out for coffee, we’re talking about the proper and purposeful way to connect with professionals in your field. To explore opportunities in her field, Kathy looked into informational interviews. Just in case you come across an informational interview yourself, Kathy has some advice for you. 

“First of all you have to be genuine and honest…you have to show that you are eager and willing to learn. Don’t pitch, you have to ask meaningful questions”. 

Link: Learn more about informational interviews

Although things are hectic and let’s admit it, it will always be hectic. Kathy has an optimistic view of the future. “Be patient, having a clear mind will allow you to think about what to do next…don’t be frustrated. Open yourself to other opportunities, and sometimes create your own opportunities”. 

Please look at her video below.

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