Mothers Day Ideas: Send Love From Canada to the Philippines

They said, everyone you know was once a stranger, (and I said), well, not everyone – there is one person in this world who you know even before you have consciousness – and I am not talking about something philosophic, this is in fact proven scientifically. The only person in your life who was never a stranger to you is your Mother, simply because from the moment of conception – back when you are still just a speck of microscopic cell – her body accepted you and nursed you to become a human being that you are today. The gift of life, whom only the females of any other specie can successfully deliver to existence,  happened subconsciously, without knowing the exact moment of its beginning – by-passes the labels of being stranger to known. 

You are an extension of her life. When a child was born, the woman was also born again as a mother. A mother’s love is the absolute form of love that can defy any distance. The connection of a mother and her child remains unsevered despite the miles of separation. 

In the Philippines, a mother is often called as the “Ilaw ng Tahanan” or “The Light of the Home” –  someone whose love makes a house a home. She lightens up your path and guides you to the way she faithfully believe is right.  She radiates the warmth that touches your soul and brings you comfort and security that no one else in the world can. As an international student, who have chosen to pursue a degree in Canada, you have had hundreds of tough calls – one for sure includes moving away from your mother – and this does not make it any easier for her too. 

If it weren’t for the pandemic, Mother’s Day is the single busiest day of the year that most restaurants, flowershops and spa & salons in the Philippines prepare for. Although there are many restrictions, this doesn’t mean that you cannot celebrate Mother’s Day in a Covid-safe way. 

So in celebration of Mother’s Day 2021 (May 9), here are some tips to celebrate the great woman your Mother is:

  1. Videocall date

Thank heavens for today’s technology! Seeing someone you love over video call never fails. In just a few click or taps you can be connected to home, it is so easy that we often don’t value it enough. It is actually the gift of time that you are devoting to your mother that makes it an incredible experience. 

Here are some free apps and websites you can use: 


Skype Meet Now

Google Meet

Pro Tip: Dress for the occasion! Ask your mom to dress up as if she is going out. It’s been well over a year that we don’t get to dress up and go out, your mom would love the idea for sure. 

2. Celebrate with a feast!

Save your mom from a dinner worth of work. Order food and have it delivered at your doorsteps. Surprise her with her favourite food, the gesture is simple but I’m sure this will melt your mom’s heart. 

Here are some of the top (in no particular order) online food order system in the Philippines that could cover you:


grabfood (Manila and Cebu CIty Only)

These are our top picks because these apps accepts major credit cards so transactions are easy, even when you do it remotely, from Canada to Philippines. 

3. Shower her with flowers! 

Okay, maybe you don’t want to shower her –  but we both know that there’s not enough flower in this world to honour our moms, so a bouquet will do. The following online flowers and gift shop delivers in the Philippines, nationwide:

Bonus: They have bundles such as flowers + cake + balloons, all you need for a wonderful Mother’s day surprise!

 4. Send your  Momma Gifts!

There is actually nothing else you cannot find online. Giving just about any gift you can think of is so much easier because of e-commerce. You can buy simple clothing to big appliances like washing machine by using the tip of your fingers – you don’t even have to leave your house. 

Here are the top (in no particular order) e-commerce site in the Philippines: 

Being an international student in Canada sure has its own sacrifices – but one thing is for sure, your number one confidant, your mother, is happy to see you spreading your wings and soaring high towards achieving your dreams – so make your momma proud. 

One day is not enough to honour all the sacrifices our mother have given us, but at least make this day meaningful and make it count. Happy Mother, Mommy, Mom, Mama, Ina, Nanay, Okaasan, Mai , Moeder, Aayi, Me, Ma (妈), Mere ’s Day! 

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