Carla Mecenas

CISM PH Team Lead
Born and raised in the Philippines, Carla found the perfect place to settle - Canada. She started as an International Student and made her way to residency. This is how her passion for guiding current and aspiring international student emerge. She has a deep understanding of what an International student needs and through this platform, she aspires to deliver to the Filipino Community the accurate guide in studying and settling in Canada.

Amrit Singh

Web Designer & CISM Content Team Lead
Design, content creation and technology is his passion. He has worked on various creative projects. Amrit heads up our content creation team and manages our web magazines. He always loves a peanut butter toast with coffee before he starts his day.

Nicole Alvarez

Content Creator
"Hello everyone, my name is Nicole Alvarez!" Nicole was born in Pasig City, Philippines, but raised in the beautiful sunny island of Aruba. She is an international student living in Ontario, Canada, pursuing a career in the health field as a Recreational Therapist. Nicole has always had a passion for helping others. Nicole is a social butterfly. She loves learning new things from others to connect and gain a deeper understanding of her surroundings. Nicole is dedicated to working with International Filipino students worldwide to help them find and navigate their way in Canada.

Fun fact: Nicole speaks about five languages and loves eating ice cream no matter the weather.