Why Sabrina Recommends Administrative Information Management Program

Sabrina in Ice Mountain in Canada

COMING FROM CAVITE, PHILIPPINES. Sabrina Mallari is one International student who has her goals written down. Not only is she a student, but she is also a Beauty and Travel Youtuber. She is 26-years old and is currently studying at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, and currently enrolled in the Administrative Information management program. According to Sabrina, this program is unlike anything she has ever experienced before. As her background education and career for six years have been focused on the tourism and hospitality department. But Becoming a student all over again was the most interesting transition for Sabrina. But her purpose for being here is strong and it’s not just for her. As a mother of two, she looks forward to building a life here in Canada with her family. 

Administrative Information Management Program: 

In this two-year Diploma program and with a degree in hand, Sabrina hopes to further her experience and discover the world of administrative work. “I really appreciate that I am learning new things, not just hospitality, but in this field…I feel very excited to finish this program”. 

“I can recommend this program because there are a lot of opportunities from this field. There is admin work, HR, office work, etc. It is all around”. Sabrina also mentions how her classmates promoted this program to her with high regard. 

An example of this type of work is working in the back office of your favorite grocery store. Some goals of this program are to teach its students, how to work with specific applications and how to work with people. “It is a program that can help you boost your personality”, and your confidence as well. 

Comparing Canada to the Philippines, Sabrina feels that no program in the Philippines really focuses on this type of course.  

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Philippines VS. Canada: 

For Sabrina, she saw the benefit of starting a life in Canada. As she is a mom, she needs to financially support her family back home. Now working as an international student, Sabrina points out that one of the biggest differences for her between Canada and the Philippines is that a full-time job salary in the Philippines is similar to working a part-time job salary here in Canada. 

Traveling from the Philippines to Canada:

Traveling in the thick of the pandemic, Sabrina didn’t expect that her traveling experience to Canada would in any way be okay or pleasant. As we know, all our actions were heavily restricted during the pandemic. Because Canada continued to welcome international students, there were heavy covid-19 policies in place to keep us safe. 

Here’s some insight for you from Sabrina:

  1. The waiting game. 

Sabrina advises all international students that are waiting to get the approval to study here in Canada, that the waiting process can be, for a lack of better words, a little torturous. “Just keep praying…and if it’s meant to be it will be yours”.

  1. Shock factor 

As we all know, venturing on your own can be scary and overwhelming. Moving to another country can shock your system. “Don’t be so shocked, keep yourself calm and appreciate all the things that Canada will give to you. Always think about your future here in Canada when things start to become overwhelming. You’re here for a purpose, stick to your why. “My motto is always to think about your future”. 

  1. Choose your program wisely 

“I believe a lot of applicants are being refused to study in Canada, because the study that they finished in the Philippines may not be related to what they want to study here in Canada. So make sure that your programs are related. As it is questionable to the visa officer”. 

Learn more about Sabrina’s life in Canada below.

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