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Burnaby School District (SD41) is the fourth-largest school district in British Columbia, with 41 elementary schools and 8 high schools, providing world-class education to over 25,000 local and international students. The district also offers an International Student Program that allows international students to integrate into regular classrooms alongside Canadian students. These programs aim to provide students with an understanding of Canadian culture and enhance their language skills. Additionally, international students receive intensive English language training to fully immerse them in the regular school environment and experience Canadian education.

Located in the Greater Vancouver area, Burnaby is the third-largest city in British Columbia (after Vancouver and Surrey), with a population of approximately 250,000 residents. It is home to Metropolis at Metrotown, the largest shopping center in Greater Vancouver. Burnaby boasts one of the highest ratios of parkland to residents in North America, with approximately 25% of the land area dedicated to parks and open spaces. It is also a diverse city with a developed transportation system, renowned universities, leading technology, and gaming companies, among others.

Reasons to choose Burnaby School District:

Prime Location: Schools situated in a green city close to downtown Vancouver, beaches, the ocean, and ski mountains.

Strong Academic Reputation: Offers one of Canada’s most comprehensive advanced curricula, including schools offering AP Capstone courses.

Wide School Selection: 41 elementary schools (kindergarten to Grade 7) and 8 secondary schools (Grade 8 to 12).

Diverse School Programs: Visual and performing arts, information technology, physical education, and more.

Excellent School Facilities: Provide international students with outstanding academic performance and opportunities to explore their talents.

Rich Extracurricular Activities: School clubs, sports teams, and recreational facilities.

The school district offers diverse learning programs for students from different backgrounds:

International Student Program: Comprehensive admission procedures, 24-hour homestay assistance, preparation courses for IELTS and SAP exams, buddy system for peer support, counseling, and support.

Indigenous Education Curriculum: Provides culturally relevant courses and services for students with Indigenous heritage.

French Immersion Education: Several elementary and secondary schools offer early and late French immersion programs. Any student residing in Burnaby can apply for these programs, allowing non-native French speakers to learn a second language. Graduates receive a bilingual notation on their high school diploma (Dogwood Diploma), increasing future employment and higher education opportunities.

Honors and AP Capstone: Many secondary schools in Burnaby offer elite university preparatory programs. Students who pass the exams can receive credits or priority admission to higher education institutions worldwide.

Each of Burnaby’s 8 secondary schools (ages 13 to 18) offers special programs:

Alpha Secondary School: Robotics certificate program, French immersion program, drama and dance courses.

Burnaby Central Secondary School: Culinary arts, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, fashion design, soccer team.

Byrne Creek Secondary School: Visual and performing arts certificate program, media arts industry training, business and information technology, basketball team.

Burnaby Mountain Secondary School: Leadership, social justice, hotel management, environmental studies, Simon Fraser University (SFU) soccer program, Simon Fraser University (SFU) swim team.

Burnaby North Secondary School: Financial accounting, string orchestra, philosophy, intensive arts courses, ice hockey team, AP Capstone.

Burnaby South Secondary School: Business, symphony orchestra, 3D art and design, animation software, baking and catering, fitness coach certificate program, AP Capstone.

Cariboo Hill Secondary School: Foundation engineering, law, painting, French immersion program, student council.

Moscrop Secondary School: Robotics, psychology, British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT Health Science Certificate, music, leadership and counseling courses.

Burnaby School District also provides advanced facilities in its schools, including Mac and other desktop computers, computer labs, science laboratories, libraries, dance and drama studios, art studios, music rooms, two gymnasiums, weight training rooms, outdoor playgrounds, home economics labs, industrial technology labs, school stores, and cafeterias. Students have the opportunity to shine in various on-campus and off-campus activities.

Burnaby South Rebels basketball team won the championship in the provincial tournament.

The Burnaby School District has 41 public elementary schools. These schools admit international students aged 5 to 12, allowing them to learn various subjects alongside Canadian students, including language, arts, social studies, science, mathematics, technology, visual arts (music, art, drama), and physical education. The size of Burnaby elementary schools varies from 100 to over 1,000 students. Each school is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and facilities, including computer labs, libraries, music rooms, gymnasiums, and outdoor play areas. The average class size does not exceed 30 students, with class sizes ranging from 23 to 26 students.

Estimated Expenses:

Application Fee: CAD$250

Tuition Fee: CAD$15,250 per school year

Medical Insurance: CAD$1,250 per year

Please note that the above information should be verified with the official websites of the Burnaby School District and individual schools.

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