“Canada is beyond my expectations” : Jay’s Growth as an International Student

Person Name is Jay Abo

It is no surprise that many international students have found success here in Canada. As we have learned so far, Canada is filled with growth opportunities. Jay Abo was no exception. Born and raised in the beautiful Philippines, Jay Abo decided to find a “greener pasture” here in Toronto. 

Beginning her career right after graduating from Seneca College, Jay launched herself into the workforce and took on a full-time job. 

Jay hopes that sharing her journey will help others realize that if she could find success in Canada, others can too. “Canada met my expectations, but even beyond my expectations. I know for a fact that moving here was going to give me a better future. But aside from that, a lot of things happened. I met new friends and became involved in Seneca. Canada helped me grow as a person and as a professional”. One thing Jays says is she’ll never forget, was meeting someone from Mauritius. Canada is super diverse, and you’re bound to meet people who have unique backgrounds and stories to share with you. 

The best part about meeting new people is being able to relate to someone else’s journey. Jay offers international students an insight into a career in international transportation and customs. “It is a business course focusing on international trade, importing, exporting, and transporting goods in and out of Canada.” If this program interests you, it will open a lot of doors for you. With this program, as Jay said, “You can hit two birds with one stone.” This program allows you to explore careers in transportation as a freight forwarder and customs. 

Jay’s experience as an international student in Canada has allowed her to dive deep into her passions. Her first job in Canada was working for a Fortune 500 company, and now she works as a customs analyst skilled in providing customs clearances for high-value shipments. 

“From day one, Seneca gave me everything I need to know and learn to excel. To this day, I still have the knowledge and skills. Seneca gave me a good foundation to excel”. 

You’re probably wondering how Jay found these career opportunities. Based on her experience, networking is essential to your growth as a professional. Reflecting on her past experiences, Jay once attended a Seneca Career Fair. “It was a really good opportunity to meet Seneca Alumni that are already working in the industry. They gave me tips, and I was able to practice my skills and show my knowledge, which increased my chances of becoming employed.” From that event, Jay was chosen to attend an annual dinner for the Toronto Transportation Club. At an event with 13,00 people, Jay was excited to have been able to represent her school and herself. 

In Canada, every international student will have different career experiences. But according to Jay, there is so much room for growth. Not just during your academic career but even after you’ve graduated. As she compared the working environment in the Philippines to the working environment in Canada, the most significant comparison was that Canada allows room for growth and offers a lot of support for international students. Whereas in the Philippines, it’s more of a competition. In Jay’s unique experience, there was a lack of support provided to employees. 

At the end of the day, if you are looking to follow a similar career path or just looking for more opportunities and need a change in scenery. Perhaps, Canada is the best place for you to flourish.

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