Christmas Break Plans

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The most wonderful time of the year is coming! After finals comes a period of no school so here’s what you can do as an international student during your time off.


Look into this sooner than later, but many retail businesses have an extra hiring surge to prepare for the holiday shopping mayhem. It’s only a temporary job that lasts just as long as your break does. The best places to check are your favourite shops in the mall. This is a great opportunity for you to make some extra income while you’re not studying and it’s low commitment. In some cases, the store will extend another offer where you can permanently work for them. 


If you haven’t tried a winter sport yet, winter break is the best time to give it a try. Many families or friend groups go skating at rinks like Robson Square in Vancouver or drive to Whistler Ski Resort and stay for a few nights. If you want to enjoy some Christmas decoration and lights, you can check out Vandusen Gardens or Capilano Suspension Bridge for those kinds of sights.

You can also take this time to visit attractions or restaurants that have been on your radar for some time. Now that you don’t have to worry about finals or papers, you’re free to explore your city even more. Some of these attractions are only available during the month of December. Many cities have Christmas Markets or other Christmas themed attractions to keep the holiday spirit going. 


Since winter break is a decent amount of time between semesters, it’s a great time for you to fly off to another part of Canada. The country is so big that many Canadians forget to visit the opposite end of the coast. It’s a shame because Canada has so much to offer. You can brave the cold and head to Northwest Territories to see the Northern Lights or natural parks in Banff. You can also check out bustling cities like Vancouver or Toronto. 

You also have the option of travelling to other countries. Since Canada is right next to the United States, some students drive or fly across the border. It’s a nice change of scenery and has warmer regions if you don’t want to spend your Christmas in the cold. Of course, you can fly even further and enjoy your break elsewhere. However, make sure to look into travel restrictions as COVID is still a concern in some countries.

Another thing that students commonly do for the break is go to their home country. Unfortunately, this isn’t the most ideal option as flights raise their ticket prices by double or more. If you do decide to go, winter break is long enough that you’ll still get to enjoy your time at home with your family in a familiar setting.  


Last but not least, the final option students do is rest, refresh, and let the brain take a break from the stress and cramming. Students are stereotypically labeled as sleep deprived and caffeine dependent people, so the best time to catch up on snooze is your winter break. It’s also a good time for you to fix your sleep schedule if you’ve been mostly nocturnal the past semester. 

On top of that, you’ll finally have the time to reconnect with some hobbies that you’ve been neglecting while you were busy with school. Whether that’s art, music, or competing in e-sports, you’ll get the chance to do it. You’ll get to do whatever rest means to you, whether that’s spending a couple days staying at home or finally meeting your friends for coffee.

So what are you gonna do for this winter break? Whatever you choose, we hope you are happy and safe! Have an awesome break and a wonderful Christmas. 

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