Study Permit Application: D-I-Y vs Immigration Professional

In terms of study permit application, most students are torn whether they should do the application by themselves or seek professional help. Both the options work out well, there are thousands of applications that are lodged by applicants themselves or through an authorized representative–the only question that remains is which way is the best for you? 

Let us help you decide by giving you some pointers to consider and how the options are different. 

Do-It-Yourself Application

Pro’s of Do-it-Yourself 

  1. It will save you a couple of thousand bucks. 

The number one reason why a lot of international students choose to go for the DIY application is to save money. By doing the application by yourself, we are talking about saving thousands of dollars. The money you can save can be worth your pocket money or at least a month’s rent for an apartment in Vancouver. 

  1. You will learn a lot in the process. 

As you go on doing your study permit application, you will learn a lot from the experience which can be beneficial for you in the long run. When you chose DIY, you will have to spend time learning the ins and out’s of the process including enrolling in a DLI, making your Statement of Purpose, completing the IRCC forms, and other things. As you know more, your confidence builds up and the skills you earn in the process can set you up to do more DIY applications up to your permanent residency application. 

Con’s of Do-it-Yourself

  1. It is definitely time-consuming. 

You will have to dedicate a lot of time to learn everything about the whole study permit application. You will have to learn everything quick – how the application process goes, a lot of documents from your school,  a lot of forms from IRCC, where to submit documents, which study permit application stream should you go for – regular stream or student direct stream and a whole lot more. Of course, you can learn almost everything online and learn from others’ success experience, however, study permit application is not a “one size fits all”, their experience might be different from you and your application might need a different approach. 

  1. You’re more likely to see rejection.

Let’s face it, doing the application by yourself involves a lot of risk. You can make mistakes that can cost you the application. It does not stop there, once you have a denial, it’s gonna stick around on your records. Plus, on your reapplication, will you have the capacity to address the concerns to make a stronger case when you apply again? Not to mention your own capabilities to comprehend everything that was misrepresented in your case that ultimately lead to a refusal. 

Help from Immigration Consultants

Pro’s of getting help from Immigration Consultants

  1. It can save you a lot of time. 

Instead of learning the whole study permit application by yourself, you can seek help from immigration professionals who already knows the process. Immigration consultants and lawyers handle applications for a living. They have to have sufficient knowledge and experience before they can get their license to practice, so you can rest assured that they can represent you in a way that aligns with IRCC guidelines. In addition, study permit application is time-sensitive because you have to make it to your intake date–your immigration consultant can help you make it to your timeline. 

  1.  They can optimize your study permit application and guide you. 

They can gauge the chances of your study permit application approval based on the documents and information you have provided for them before lodging an application. 

They can customize your study permit application with  (a likely) right judgment call. In a sense, they minimize the risk of making preventable mistakes that leads to visa refusal. However, immigration consultants cannot guarantee 100% success on your study permit application, this is a decision that solely depends on the visa officer that is handling your application. At least, if you ever got refused, your immigration consultant can challenge the decision and address the grounds for refusal. 

Cons of going for professional help

  1. You have to spend a couple of thousand dollars. 

Expect to spend money if you are pursuing professional service. Like what we have already mentioned, the cost of paying for an immigration consultant is about the same price as a month’s rent in Vancouver. Bear in mind that like doctors, immigration consultants charge fees for their expertise, so choose wisely. It is best to look at their standings as well– how good are they? Are their services trusted? Are they really legit and authorized to be a representative? The last thing you want to do deal with is to be scammed by people posing as immigration consultants. 

  1. You’ll have to disclose everything.

You have to ask yourself if you are comfortable sharing all related information for your application and full disclosure of your situation. The only way to make your application as accurate as possible is to be transparent. If this is something that is an issue for you, then you have to think twice before hiring a representative. 

In conclusion, whether to apply for your study permit by yourself or to seek help from immigration consultants depends on your capabilities and needs. Both the process have pros and cons, you just have to assess your situation which one will work out best for your situation. 

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