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Vancouver Slang Words You Need to Know

Rain, Vancouver… Raincouver? Chances are that you may not know these interesting words in Vancouver. Greater Vancouver Area have a lot of nicknames and it may be confusing it at first, therefore, we’re going to break them down for ya.

Fast Facts About Canada Day

Fast Facts About Canada Day  Canada Day is a federal statutory holiday celebrated nation wide in Canada, every July 1st. This celebration is enacted on

Self Care Tips During Pandemic

In Canada we talk a lot about self-care, especially now due to the pandemic. Self-care should be implemented on a daily basis. Making it an 

How much is it to study in Canada?

Education is a timeless investment and is the basic foundation of any successful career. Being educated qualifies you to become a valued contributing member of

Toronto: A Hub For International Students

Many international students have chosen Canada because of our quality of education and living. Canada has many incredible cities to choose. It could be overwhelming