East Meets West: Indonesian Vancouverite

I’m Indonesian and was born in Indonesia. At the age of 9, my family moved to Qatar, a small peninsula in the Middle East and I continued my journey to Canada after High School. Many people who are close to me were concerned about me fleeing home to study in a new place. They were concerned for my safety as I was in a place where I, who chose to visually identify myself as part of a certain community, am considered a minority. 

I’ve probably learnt more about my identity in a place where I’m a minority. Vancouver has been very welcoming, it is almost everything I imagined and more. I came to Canada to pursue my Bachelors in Industrial Design. I picked this degree as it accommodates my interest in photography and the creative industry. I specifically chose Canada as I knew I wanted to stay abroad after university and rumour has it that this is the place for immigrants. Rumours were not wrong.

In such a diverse crowd, I’ve learnt to be more conscious of my own culture and values. Everyone around me has been respectful and understanding. It has definitely helped a lot in the process of self-growth while living by myself. Vancouver’s food scene is especially pretty diverse compared to a lot of places that I’ve been to in North America. Whether you’re craving sushi, Korean BBQ or authentic Italian pasta, it has got it all! On top of that, Vancouver’s stunning views contributed to the growth of my creativity. The city is a combination of high rises, water and mountains meeting to create a beautiful skyline. The vibration of the city and accessibility to nature make a perfect combination if you’re ambivert like myself. 

Feeling social? Walk along Granville Street on weekends, you will most likely bump into someone you know. Need me time in nature? Ride along the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path around the breathtaking Stanley Park seawall! Vancouver really lives up to the Pacific North West stereotype, you know, yoga pants, smoothies and bikes. I love it, though. Coming from a tropical girl like me, it’s not too cold compared to other parts of Canada while we still get a little bit of the winter experience.

After I graduated university, I decided to pursue more of the digital marketing side of design and networked my way through the industry. I have shifted between jobs and currently working at a car dealership (seems a bit random). I’m an assistant to one of the managers and working closely to work on their social media marketing. I need a few more months of employment to be ready to apply for my Permanent Residency next year! I’m excited about what Canada has to offer for me as a Permanent Residence.

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