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Acceptance Letter

6 Important Requirements to Get an Acceptance Letter from a Canadian School

If you are planning to study in Canada, the first thing you need to get is an Acceptance Letter from a designated learning institution (DLI). Being an international student, it may be a bit confusing where to start and how to get that golden ticket, luckily we have prepared this list for you! 

Business Accountant Image

Study Business Accounting in Canada

Kristine De Leon braved the pandemic to get to Canada and pursue her diploma program in Centennial College. She traveled from the Philippines to Toronto in a 14 hour, passenger-packed flight, while wearing a mask and face shield the entire time – but she will not let anything stop her – her relentless determination carried her out of the virus – threatened travel. 

5 Most In-Demand Jobs In Canada After Pandemic

The pandemic has altered the economic landscape for many internationals students in Canada. Have you decided to study in Canada as an International Student? It is great to look at some of the in-demand careers within Canada.

Sustainable Building Technology is an Emerging Field to Study in Canada

As the built environment changes to sustainable energy, water and carbon future, the need for Sustainable Building Technology is emerging and is therefore a great option for International Students. Delivering healthy and high-performance buildings involves innovation, systems thinking and project management.