Kathy Dapal

1 year Diploma Program to 3 years PGWP

Do international students ever stop evolving in Canada? The answer is no! Yet again, Canada has been proven a country of opportunity and possibilities. Meet Kathy Dapal, a former International student currently residing in Waterloo, Ontario. She is also a graduate of Conestoga College. Learn about her journey in Canada and how she continues to thrive and turn lemons into lemonade. Keep reading!

Sabrina in Ice Mountain in Canada

Why Sabrina Recommends Administrative Information Management Program

Sabrina Mallari is one International student who has her goals written down. Not only is she a student, but she is also a Beauty and Travel Youtuber. She is 26-years old and is currently studying at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, and currently enrolled in the Administrative Information management program. According to Sabrina, this program is unlike anything she has ever experienced before. As her background education and career for six years have been focused on the tourism and hospitality department. But Becoming a student all over again was the most interesting transition for Sabrina. But her purpose for being here is strong and it’s not just for her. As a mother of two, she looks forward to building a life here in Canada with her family.

Student Highlight: Danah Reyes

Canada is one of the top choices for international students to study and migrate. We had a pleasure to talk to one of the students,