Erica’s Edge: Pursuing Education in Canada

Erica Pochende

Erica Bochene is a young, highflier international student who through the power of her choices, has landed her here in Canada. At the age of 19, Erica had courage to uproot herself from Davao City, Philippines and continue her education in Canada straight out of Philippine High School. Since her arrival in September 2018, Erica has found her new home at the Capital of British Columbia, Victoria City – Victoria is a beautiful city. and it is not a big city, it is slower than a big city which makes it the perfect city. Exceptionally clean city, the weather is mild, people are so friendly.”

The Power of Choice

As a promising brilliant student, Erica got accepted to 3 internationally acclaimed universities, two of which are in the United States, but Canada’s bet ultimately won her over – The University of Victoria. “I compared the three universities and I really did like what UVic has to offer. I read a lot of testimonials from current students at that time. And my mom let me choose what school I want.“

Sure enough, bold choices will take you great places, but this is not without some difficulties along the way – but one thing is certain, a rewarding life awaits you at the other side of the road.

“If we are talking about my academic life, when I started, I had a really hard time adjusting to the new education system. But then over time I adjusted slowly with the help of the school’s services and friends. My social life, I have met a lot of people from all over the world and local people at the same time, on campus and outside of campus. People are so friendly. Lastly, in my personal life (home life) I’ve built a good relationship with my host family that I stayed with when I was doing my English program. I’ve gotten to know them, and they include me with all the activities, they take me out to different places, and I’ve experienced a lot of first times like watching a hockey game live and among other things.”

The UVic Edge

Erica is now on her 3rd year level of declared psychology program at the University of Victoria and plans to pursue a graduate degree program.

The University of Victoria is a prestigious University at the heart of the beautiful island of its namesake, Victoria. UVIC is proud of producing highly competitive graduates by combining dynamic learning in an extraordinary academic environment with a vital impact. Together, these three elements nurture an environment of discovery, innovation and creativity. The Edge fortifies our (UVIC) work in sustainability and healthy societies. It shapes our world view with diverse perspectives, including those from Indigenous and international communities. It fuels our commitment to economic well-being, technological advances and social justice. 

 Erica is also eyeing on permanently settling here in Canada and practicing her profession. According to her, through UVIC’s post graduation assistance and support, and with the credentials she has earned, she is confident to build connections that can help her in obtaining a post graduate work permit and live a very fulfilling life in Canada. 

 With her perseverance and diligence, we are sure this girl is going to places. Way to go, Erica!

A Short message to aspiring students from Erica:

‘’If you want to study in Uvic you have to prepare. You have to prepare your documentation to be admitted, financials, and immigration process. And it is really a different experience, you cannot get this kind of experience anywhere. It makes you grow as a student, and as a person. You learn a lot along the way, and it gives you a new perspective that there is so much more outside our country.’

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