Finding Rentals in Toronto

Moving to a bustling city like Toronto is exciting! Nonetheless, finding a rental in such a vibrant city can be a challenge as an international student. Renting a room in Toronto can range from $600 to $1200+ CAD per month, depending on location and how many roommates in a house. If you want to live by yourself, a one-bedroom apartment is starting at $1800 CAD per month. Depending on your needs, we have gathered some tips and tricks to help you find some accommodations here in Toronto!

  1. Homestay

If this is the first time you ever live alone by yourself and the first time in Toronto, homestay may be the best choice for you! Homestay lets you live with a local family while studying. Living with locals means you can adjust to the culture and life here more seemingly. Your host family may be able to help you to find future accommodations! Homestay can also help you figure out how life works in this new country.

  1. Student residence

Another great option for students is student housing or residence. Any major universities usually have their own residence buildings. If not, they will have a partnership with building complexes nearby. The great thing about official student residence is they will give priority depending on how far your current home is, meaning for international students, we usually get the first pick! They will also have different meal plans and room options available. Another advantage with student housing is that you will have support from the school administration. If you can’t get a room in the student residence, your school’s international students support can help you find an off-campus home as well!

  1. Online marketplace 

You can find many things online, including your home! The two common websites people use in Canada are Craigslist and Kijiji. You can easily put your specific needs into the searching bar (budgets, locations, how many rooms), and they will find the perfect match for you.

Another good place to look at is Facebook Marketplace. Many people are looking for roommates and housing as well on social medias that now Facebook created the Marketplace. 

  1. Short-term accommodations

Sometimes, people are adamant about renting to international students at first because they are not in the city yet. A solution here is to book a place for a month or more while you are looking for a permanent home. Booking a short-term accommodation can give you a guarantee that you will have a place to go after you land in Toronto. Most places will offer you some discounts too, if you stay for more than a month. One platform you can find a short-term place is through Airbnb.

You can also find a sublet. Sublet means to lease a room/property to a subtenant. People usually find sublets to occupy their home while they are gone for a few months or so.

  1. Rental websites (for own place)

All of our suggestions here apply mostly to finding a room. Although, you can also find an apartment for yourself through an online marketplace as well. If you want to have your own space in an apartment building or condominium, you can go to a variety of real estates websites online like Zoocasa,, or View It. The websites listed here have more options for rental apartments.

Important Tips

When you are trying to move into a new place, make sure to not get scammed! Do not send any money before you get to see the place (virtually or in-person). Try to Google Reverse Image the listings pictures that you receive, to ensure its legibility. It is also important to meet the landlord first (if you are renting a room), before you apply for the space.

We wish you good luck with finding your home sweet home!

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