How International Students Get Jobs in Canada?

IF you’re wondering whether or not you are able to work as an International student in Canada,  you have  definitely come to the right place. Here In Canada there are an ample amount of job opportunities for Full-time International students. But how do you find these opportunities? 

Well, I am glad you asked! Continue reading if studying In Canada is a reality you’d like to pursue, and working as an International student is something you consider doing. 

Let’s start with your requirements. In order to be eligible for employment in Canada as an International student, you must have the following government approved documents.

  1. Your valid study permit (paper document)
  2. Your SIN number. It is a 9 digit number that you need in order to get paid in your future jobs and to have access to the government programs and benefits. It is very important to keep your SIN Number safe! You can apply for your SIN Number online, by mail or in person at the nearest Service Canada Center to you.

Depending where you work, your employer will have different requirements for you to go through. For example, training, police checks/screening, immunization records, etc. 

Two types of jobs: On-Campus and Off-campus

  1. On-Campus jobs are any jobs that require you to be present on-campus. Of course now most on-campus jobs are stay at home jobs. To meet this type of job standard, your employer must be the institution itself. Such as working with the International Student department, registration, etc. Or your employer could be someone who is employed by the college, such as having a job as a faculty assistant or research assistant. You could also work with the student government, recreation department, etc. There are so many opportunities to work on campus. The best part about working on campus is that you could work beyond the 20 hours policy. A strict policy on international students working in Canada. This policy states that International students who are full-time and enrolled into their semester, cannot work beyond the 20 hours per week. Therefore, they are only considered as part-time employees. 
  2. Off-Campus jobs are any job outside of college or university. This is where the 20 hours per week policy applies. While enrolled into their program international students may not work beyond 20 hours. Otherwise there will be major consequences that follow. However, if you are on a scheduled break then you will be able to work full-time without a work permit. 

Tip: If you are looking at the option of working more than one job, because of financial need. You could consider working an on-campus job, as the 20 hours limit per week policy only applies to off-campus jobs. 

Online Job Postings: Jooble (in partnership with CISM)

Jooble is an online search engine that can be found through the website. To summarize it is an easy to use online job search platform that gathers job ads from thousands of sources. Such as job boards, corporate, recruiter pages, and more. This is definitely a major bonus and a really helpful tool for all international students. 

Top Job Search Websites in Canada

  1. Robert Half
  2. Career Builder
  3. Indeed
  4. LinkedIn

Just to list a few. I myself have definitely used these job search websites. Where you can customize your profile to resemble your resume and cover letter and apply to job postings. The best part is all the websites have a website and mobile app. So you’ll never miss a notification. Also, did you know that most colleges and universities have job posting sites as well. Be sure to reach out to your college or university’s career development department. These job postings are also garened towards the programs offered at your school.

Job opportunities are a great way to gain experience, and not all opportunities are paid. Volunteering can also be a great way to obtain skills and experience that will be beneficial for you in your career. In fact, volunteering opportunities may even lead to a job. 

The most important aspect of a job is the experience and skills you gain along the way.

As well as the connections you build. It also gives you the opportunity to learn what you like and don’t like about your work environment, and what type of work environment you want in the future. 

Being an international student myself, I understand that job searching may be a bit daunting. But don’t worry because there are resources all around you and the first place you should check is your school’s resources. 

Be Open-Minded

When you start job hunting you will notice that there will be jobs you’ve never heard of. The best part of having all these resources is creating more room for more opportunity. Because often there are different jobs that we are unaware about. For example, did you know there are 20 different types of nursing jobs in the workforce. Another example would be the fact that many jobs offer commission based pay. The moral of the story, there are so many opportunities, as  we have an endless supply of resources, that we should explore our options and stay open-minded. 

Great highly recommended part-time jobs for international student: 

  1. Bookkeeper – 25 CAD per hour
  2. Educational interpreter – 13 CAD per hour
  3. Customer service assistant – 11 CAD per hour
  4. Aquarium interpreter – 13 CAD per hour
  5. Sales assistant – 12 CAD per hour
  6. Cook – 13 CAD per hour
  7. Office assistant –  13 to 15 CAD per hour
  8. Human resources assistant – 13 CAD per hour

As an International Student, there are numerous job opportunities out there! Whether it’s in hospitality, health or retail, your part time job will contribute not only to  your financial needs but also, career and personal growth! You just gotta have the right tools to help you land in that perfect job!


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