How to Start a Marketing Career in Canada

Marketing is one of the few careers in the world that is applicable in all business and trade sectors. It plays an important role in the aggressive consumerism and globalization of today’s modern world wherein products and services are neck to neck in competing for the consumer’s attention. Marketing plays a vital role in any company’s longevity—it creates the connection between the consumers and the company. The better the marketing, the more it is accepted by the mass, the stronger the support that the company gets to continue thriving. 

Marketing careers stand the test of time. It is fluid and goes with the flow of the ever changing world. What was accepted as a marketing technique in the 1980’s might not be as effective if applied in 2021. Furthermore, the reach of today’s marketing is amplified by today’s advanced technology, bringing the need to have a universal approach in marketing. Given these reasons, anyone who wishes for a lucrative marketing career must constantly be in the know of trends. 

According to Job Bank, Canada’s official labor market condition assessor, the demand for advertising, marketing and public relations managers, and other business services managers is constant due to businesses’ expansion and replacement demand. Job openings are readily filled by fresh graduates, immigrants, and mobility job seekers. For young professionals who want to be in Canada’s corporate scene but lacking sufficient work experience, the way around it is to study and get credentials from a reputable school. 

“Before I came to Canada to study, I was a fresh graduate from De La Salle University Manila with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and immediately worked for a start-up e-commerce company as a Customer and Store Experience Associate. One of the reasons why I genuinely wanted to study Marketing is because I felt the need to enhance my knowledge in studying consumer purchase decisions, how visual branding affects buying decisions, and data analytics as well. One of my personal goals is to work as an Account/Brand Manager in the future, and I believe that BCIT will be able to help me prepare for that,” says Jaydee Chung who is a Marketing Management student at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. 

About BCIT 

BCIT is a well renowned institution not only in Canada, but also among international students. It opened its doors in 1964 and has produced today’s leaders and experts that have innovated and shaped not only British Columbia’s economy but moreover across the world. 

BCIT has 5 campuses all over Metro Vancouver and is one of the largest post-secondary institutions in BC with over 300 programs for students to choose from degrees, diplomas, and certificates. BCIT boasts of over 90% employability rate across all industry sectors. 

“We are proud to deliver an education that goes beyond textbooks and classrooms. Our students gain the technical skills, real-world experience, and problem-solving ability needed to embrace complexity and lead innovation in a rapidly changing workforce.” – BCIT

Top 3 Advantages of Studying at BCIT According to Jaydee: 

  1. Post Graduate Work Permit Eligibility 

BCIT is a post graduate work permit (PGWP) eligible designated learning institution (DLI). “After graduation, my plan is to definitely apply for a PGWP and see from there if I want to permanently stay here or not. After 2 years of studying, I am eligible to get a 2-3 years work permit. Hopefully after 1 year of work experience, I can apply for the Canadian Class Experience (CEC), and if my CRS score don’t make it, I still have 2 years to work and boost my score.” 

  1. High Employability Rate

“I chose BCIT because of its high employment rate. I watched videos and read testimonies from students who finished the program and they’re actually working for great companies now.”

  1. Strong Network of Alumni and Hands On Learning

“BCIT has a huge alumni network and their programs are designed to prepare students for the actual workplace. All subjects I’m currently taking are very practical and hands-on.” 

Marketing Career Opportunities in Canada

Marketing professionals earn above average salary in Canada. On an average, they usually earn between $24.04/hour and $67.31/hour with a median wage of $41.15 per hour across Canada. 

In a year, an entry level marketing job can pay out an average of $46,000 CAD (PHP1.8 million in today’s conversion)  to $79,000 CAD (PHP 3.1 million) annually. 

Here are some career opportunities in marketing management international student can pursue: 

  • Marketing Consultant
  • Product Manager
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Marketing Assistant & Brand Storyteller
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Coordinator / Associate

Source: About BCIT Marketing Occupation Outlook

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