Vaccination and Canada Flag

Canada to Require Full Vaccination for Travellers and Federally Regulated Transportation Employees

We have been living under the terms of COVID19 for about two years now since the global pandemic began in the late months of 2019. The virus that put the world to a halt has met its match in through vaccines. In a short course of about a year, in the odds of beating the virus and resuming to the “normal” the world has known pre-pandemic, pharmaceutical companies were able to make vaccines. 

New Open Work Permit

Canada Opens New Work Permit Application for International Graduates

Last May 6, 2021 IRCC opened a temporary pathway to permanent residency for 40,000 international students, alongside 20,000 temporary workers in health care and 30,000 temporary workers for other essential occupations. The temporary public policy was supposed to run until November 2021, or until the caps were reached, whichever comes first – to no surprise at all, international graduates were fast to fill up the quota and the application closed the following day; while the portal is still open for the essential workers. Throughout the pandemic, Canada has imposed a lot of measures to continuously support its immigration plan that targets to have at least 401,000 immigrants for 2021. The candidates selected for this temporary public policy have been chosen as they are proven fit to fill labor gaps.

SDS New Countries

Canada Adds 7 New Countries to the Student Direct Stream

Canada’s Student Direct Stream or SDS is an expedited student permit application stream for post secondary international students from selected key countries that was launched in 2018. SDS applications can take as fast as 20 calendar days. When it premiered, it only had 3 countries: China, India, Vietnam and the Philippines, and a year after, on 2019, 3 more countries were added: Pakistan, Morocco and Senegal.

Tips for Writing Your Study Plan

International students who wish to study in Canada are required to have a “Study Plan” to support their study permit application. As the name suggests,

What is Student Direct Stream?

Canada’s Student Direct Stream or SDS is a program launched in June 2018 by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to expedite study permit