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There are plenty of fish in the sea, and by fish we mean programs, and by the sea we mean Canada. We know it can be extremely overwhelming narrowing down what you want to study here in Canada. But luckily for everyone, we have featured some amazing student stories here on CISM. Keep reading if you’d like to explore the International Transportation and Customs Program at Seneca College. 

Based on Jay Abo’s student story:

As you explore career possibilities, you will most likely explore college or university programs that fall in line with your career of choice. Well here in Canada we have plenty of programs that you probably never heard of, and that can open the door to an array of career opportunities. Today we are going to dive a bit deeper into the International Transportation and Customs Program at Seneca College. We first heard of this program from Jay Abo, who graduated from this exact program that landed her a job as a Customs Analyst for a Fortune 500 company.

Here is what you need to know about the program.

  1. It is a two-year diploma. Before choosing a program, it might be in your best interest to figure out the timeline of the program as well. Everyone has different preferences and you might want to explore the length of the program as well. Diploma programs normally have 4 semesters. Advanced diploma programs normally have 6 semesters. 
  1.  Learning objectives and goals of this program: The student will gain a “solid technical understanding and practical knowledge of international transportation, customs brokerage, and international freight forwarding. You will gain valued expertise and knowledge to help companies effectively manage the movement of goods and services internationally in our complex global economy. Your learning will be further advanced by current and industry expert faculty members”. 
  1. Graduates will receive a Certificate from MSR, an e-customs company
  1. There are opportunities for students to continue to pursue certifications in the field. Such as a certificate in international freight forwarding from CIFFA, also known as the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association.
  1. If you already have these skills, you are set. If not, this program is all about professional and personal development and growth. Every one of you needs to know that skills can be learned.
  • Leadership
  • Decision-making
  • Ethics
  • Logistics management 
  • Strategy formulation
  • Project management
  1. Like most programs that colleges offer, there is a Co-op/ internship component attached to the program. Co-ops/ internship opportunities are crucial to your success as a student. Not only will you gain the knowledge and skills, but you will be able to apply all that you have learned to the real world. It’s the perfect moment for you to understand yourself as a professional in the field. 

In this program, the Co-op is optional and there are additional fees involved. There are eligibility requirements and most Co-op opportunities are full-time paid job positions. Keep in mind that nothing is guaranteed. Therefore, if you do plan on fulfilling a Co-op work term be in communication with your professors and program advisors. As they will be able to break down exactly what you will need to accomplish this aspect of the program. 

  1. What type of careers will I be able to explore with this certificate? 
  • Freight coordinator
  • Transportation manager
  • Transportation appointment coordinator
  • Transportation logistics coordinator
  • Import/export coordinator
  • Dispatcher
  • Customs associate
  • Transportation analyst
  • Customs supervisor
  1. What is the average salary in Canada for these occupations?
  • Freight Coordinator –  $40,000 per year (rounded number)
  • Transportation manager – $40.00 per hour (rounded number)
  • Transportation appointment coordinator – $23.53 per hour in Canada
  • Transportation logistics coordinator – $43,875 per year or $22.50 per hour
  • Import/export coordinator -$45,000 per year or $23.08 per hour.
  • Dispatcher – $20.04 per hour in Canada.
  • Customs associate – $41,925/ per year
  • Transportation analyst – $76,703
  • Customs supervisor – $38,500

*Keep in mind that salaries may vary based on the following: Province/territory, entry level jobs start with lower pay, the company, experience, education, professional association, etc.

  1. What is the demand for these types of jobs in the work-field?

Generally speaking this job is always in steady demand. Taking a look at multiple job search sites such as Indeed, LinkedIn,,, and so many more. There is an abundant amount of different types of careers available in the Transportation and Customs related field. 

In fact, according to this report from Skilled Immigrant Infocentre, “There is high demand for workers in the Canadian transportation industry. Between 2010 and 2030 the industry will need over 26,000 qualified workers, an increase of 31%.”

  1. If this program isn’t for you, consider looking at related programs?
  • International Business
  • Business Administration
  • International Business Management

Remember future students of Canada, the world is your oyster. Explore all your opportunities, do your research. You never know what program you’ll come across that will attract you like a magnet. 

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