Jaydee’s Insights: Important Things To Know Before, While, and After Studying in Canada

Before Studying: 

“I’ve been wanting to study here in Canada since 2014 to gain international academic and work experience,” says Jaydee Chung, a 23 year old international student from the Philippines who is currently taking a 2 year Marketing Management Diploma at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).  

Just like Jaydee, a lot of international students desire to go to Canada to gain internationally recognized education credentials. Canada’s competitive education system prepares students to take the spotlight on the global stage of today’s incredibly cutthroat professional world.  

Although Canada has always welcomed international students with arms wide open, moving to another country in a pursuit of higher education and ultimately self improvement is still definitely something you do not want to dive head first into. 

Jaydee had to consider a lot of things before her far-reaching decision to study in Canada. 

One of the things that concerns an international student is, of course, expenses. Education is a timeless investment that anyone surely wants to spend money on if they want to have a prolific career. If anyone were to spend money on investments, proper planning and allocation of resources is a must. “Studying here (Canada) from high school to university is quite expensive. So I decided to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in the Philippines first, then pursue further studies here in Canada. Although I am only taking a diploma program, so far, it’s been teaching me a lot of new things, especially when it comes to the Canadian business market.”

While studying:

Canada is a nation of immigrants—it has a very diverse demographic to the point that it is unbelievably true how harmoniously everybody lives. Jaydee testifies to Canada’s unique multicultural diversity. “What makes Canada unique and fun for me is its people. I really enjoy meeting new people and discovering their culture, which I am able to do here in Canada. I’ve only been here for 2 months, but I’ve met and continually meet a lot of people from different backgrounds— it’s just amazing how all of us unite with each other.”

It is no secret that the key to a happy life is balance. Studying can be taxing sometimes. That is why it is important for international students to take a break and enjoy the best of Canada. “Student life in Canada or BCIT, in general, is really fun and fulfilling. Although there are challenges with all the adjustments, I can say it’s one of the best decisions I made in my entire life. It pushes me to be more independent and wise in making decisions. I also make friends with many people as I can so I can widen my network. However, in times that I feel so tired, I make sure to try to give myself some time to rest and go out with friends or family.”

After studying:

The only way to reach our future is through a vehicle of a plan. It is important that international students plan ahead and see the bigger picture before embarking on their pursuit of higher education in Canada. Jaydee knew the importance of being ready and advises fellow international student to take into consideration a lot of things to create a master plan— “Before deciding to come here, make sure you have a plan. If your goal is to become a permanent resident, create a timeline and how you can achieve it. Research wisely; connect with many people as you can, and keep an open mind.”

Although life in Canada is as good as it gets for Jaydee, she says it is important to keep an open mind for nothing is carved in stone. She is still open to the possibilities of building her life and career elsewhere. “After graduation, my plan is to definitely apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) and see from there if I want to permanently stay here or not.”

“My life in Canada so far has been great and I’m always challenged to get out of my comfort zone. Although there are times that I feel homesick, thankfully, I am surrounded by kind and loving people who make sure that I am okay.”

Jaydee’s journey in Canada has just begun. Being in the Great White North for just two months, there is sure a whole lot more in store for her.  

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