Learn About Public Transportation in Canada

Canada has public transportation in all cities and major towns in many ways of travel.

  • Bus
  • Train
  • Subway
  • Light-rail trains 
  • Streetcars (trams)

It is advisable to research your options if you plan to use public transportation before you decide where to live. Every city in Canada has its own way of the public transit system. It would be best to buy public transit passes if you decide to use public transportation, as it reduces the monthly cost. These passes are usually cheaper than you using credit cards or cash to buy these tickets. 

Types of Public Transit Systems in Canada

Rapid Transit Systems

Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are three major cities in Canada that have rapid transit systems. Rapid transit, is also known as the metro, subway, underground, is a high-capacity public transport found in urban areas. These transits are named differently in each city in Canada. It is called 

  • Montreal Metro – Montreal, Quebec
  • Toronto Subway – Toronto, Ontario
  • SkyTrain – Vancouver, British Columbia

Light Rail Systems 

Light rail is an urban rail transit with a combination of tram and metro features. Four cities in Canada have light rail systems. 

  • Toronto streetcar system – Toronto, Ontario
  • CTrain – Calgary, Alberta
  • Edmonton LRT – Edmonton, Alberta
  • O-Train – Ottawa, Ontario

Commuter Train Systems

Commuter rail, also known as suburban rail, is a passenger rail that operates within the metropolitan area, carrying passengers to the central city from the adjacent suburbs or towns. Commuter trains operate in the cities and surrounding areas of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. 

  • GO Transit – Toronto, Ontario
  • Agence métropolitaine de transport – Montreal, Quebec
  • West Coast Express – Vancouver, British Columbia 

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