Maureen’s Journey and How You Can Also Study in Canada

Leaving the “Nest” 

In the law of nature, a mother bird is supposed to “kick” her hatchlings out of the nest so they can spread their wings and fly high. For us humans, even though without wings, we also aim to soar in flying colors and build our own nest in this big raw world. We always have a yearning for better things; it is innate for us to innovate and progress. The longing to have the best in this precious life seem to be always in our calling–with endless possibilities, it will be an awful waste for someone not to dream big things. 

Maureen Ramos is one of those few people who dared to dream and stopped at nothing until her dreams become reality. 

“Have you ever had those dreams when you’re still young and told yourself: ‘I will make these happen in the future?’ Going to Canada is one of my childhood dreams. One night after Christmas, back in 2020, that dream suddenly flashed again in my mind. I remember thinking it was too big, too scary, and maybe too soon to think about it, but I also thought, “When will I have the courage to chase my biggest dreams?” I just had to start. At that moment as well, I’m at a point in my life where I’m trying to heal from a past traumatic experience that changed my life for the worst and that got me thinking that moving away from the country is the best way to have a fresh start. I wanted not to only heal from my past, but at the same time I wanted to work on making my dreams happen. If I pursue to move out of the country, it has to be none other than in Canada. That was the start of planning my next move. I immediately messaged my cousin who lives (here) in Canada to help me and the rest was history.” 

Dreams do come true

As the old saying goes, “if you can dream it, you can do it,” and sure enough, through her hard work and courage, Maureen was able to achieve her dreams. She arrived in Canada last August 13, 2021 to pursue a Diploma in Business Administration-Accounting at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). 

“Back in the Philippines, I am a Certified Public Accountant with almost 2 years of relevant work experience. I used to work in one of the biggest auditing firms in the country. My program is related to what I finished before and I chose it to be that way so that it will be easier for me. At the same time, I wanted to learn the difference between the accounting, business, and taxation laws here in Canada and in the Philippines. I am working part-time while studying. My first work is at a supermarket, I worked as a kitchen aide in the restaurant department for two months. Now, I am so thankful that I landed a job that is in line with my field of study. I am currently a part-time Accounts Payable clerk in a medium-sized manufacturing company. After graduation, I plan to work as an accountant and eventually pursue becoming a licensed CPA here in Canada as well. The quality of life that Canada offers really amazes me. The way of living here is what I love the most. Some of the things I love here are the high-quality education, how multicultural and accepting this country is to anyone, how great the transport and healthcare system is, how well you’re compensated with all your efforts in your work, most especially, you’ll really feel your taxes being put to good use.”

Home Away from Home

“I would like to first acknowledge my siblings, Kuya Reymar and Rommel, for trusting me in this journey. They are the most precious persons in my life since we already lost our parents and knowing how they fully support me with this gives me so much motivation and strength. Lastly, I am forever grateful to my cousin, Kuya Nestor. When I first asked him about how I can get here, he immediately referred me to his friend who owns an agency to assist me in arranging my paper and offered his home to be my home here in Canada. He was so supportive. I will always treasure this opportunity he gave me to change my life for the better. 

“Also, I am so surprised that I can interact with many fellow Filipinos. I traveled all by myself to Canada, so I was really scared and nervous when I landed in Vancouver, I almost got lost but a Filipina helped me. Now wherever I go, in school, in malls, I really find comfort seeing many Filipinos around. I feel in a way at home.”

An advice to fellow dreamers

“Your dream of coming here and making your dreams happen should be so strong that no matter how difficult it may get, you would always emerge victorious against any challenges. It will get tough; I heard many stories where people quit and just went back home. Studying here will require a lot from you, not only financially but emotionally and mentally so you should be well-prepared in every aspect. “

Dream a little or dream big, what matters is that you dare to make the most out of your life. Like Maureen, her determination to fulfill her dreams brought her to a place she only once dreamed of. Her story here in Canada is only beginning, but with the courage she has, this is only the first of her many dreams coming true. 

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