Program Spotlight: Health Care Aide at MITT

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Becoming a nurse is a top career choice for Filipinos; it can open opportunities to work in other countries. For those with their eye on Canada, one of Canada’s best programs is MITT’s Health Care Aide program which opens up many career opportunities and a smoother migration process.

What a Health Care Aide is

You’re probably more familiar with the term “nurse.” According to the NOC, health care aides (HCA’s) have a number of official titles but largely the same role. Whether you call them hospital attendants, patient care aides, or orderlies, their goal is the same: to be healthcare providers whose first priority is the patient’s well-being. 

Depending on which institution you get your job in, your responsibilities and work setting will vary. For the most part, an HCA will assist a patient by washing them, preparing them for surgery, or transporting them within the building. The job is slightly demanding as you have to do a lot of moving around, lifting, and may ask you to work unique hours. Even so, the job is very rewarding. You’ll get to work with a team that cares about each other and you’ll make a difference in these patients’ lives. 

Why Become a Health Care Aide

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Through the Manitoba Institute of Trades & Technology (MITT) program, you are practically guaranteed a job as soon as you graduate. Hundreds of job openings are available across the country and Winnipeg is no exception. HCA’s are always needed no matter where you are in the world. The job itself also expects more growth and therefore it is becoming a higher-paying position. In just a few years, health care aides will be at the top for job prospects. 

Nurses and health care providers are needed more than ever. The uprising of Covid and the steadily aging population of Canada has called for more health care providers, health care aides included. Statistics Canada predicts that about a quarter of the population will be 65 or older. Becoming an HCA is so rewarding because you get to make an impact on people who need it the most while still being flexible and seeing professional growth.

What MITT Offers

In Fall 2021, MITT updated their program and is now referred to as The Health Care Aide and Personal Support Worker program. Even though the course program is expected to be completed in a year, it’s a very thorough experience. Students will not only receive knowledge and theory, but also hands-on experience. 

What also stands out about MITT’s HCA and Personal Support Worker program is that it’s a valuable and rare find. Not many health care programs are PGWP eligible or affordable. At MITT, you’ll have to spend only about $13,000CAD for the entire course and you’ll be eligible for a PGWP when you finish.  


MITT’s credentials are recognized all over the world since it’s a Canadian school. For international students, this means having an advantage for when they apply to a country of their choice. Additionally, MITT provides the training and skills that every HCA will need in their career. 

On top of all of this, MITT is also accommodating to international students. They try to make the application process as smooth as possible by providing guides and a Recognition of Prior Learning program. As MITT is a trade school, their tuition fees are much lower than that of universities. And yet, they’re just as internationally recognized.  


As of November 12, 2021, applications for the Winter 2022 intake are still open for international students. If you have all your documents in order, it won’t hurt to apply. If not, it’s best not to rush and instead, take your time finding out what kind of information you have to provide. The in-take for Fall 2022 will open up shortly. When it does, a whole new adventure awaits you at MITT. 

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