Student Discounts You Should be Aware of in Canada!

Heads up, students! There are a number of ways you can save money in diverse areas such as food, travel, memberships, tech and clothing. Researching and taking advantage of student discounts will help you save money as an international student spending money on both tuition and living costs. There are some amazing discounts out there through stores like Bulk BarnAppleVIA RailAmazon and more!

Food Discounts 

In Canada, a number of both restaurants and grocery stores offer discounts to postsecondary students. They recognize many students, especially international students are doing their own shopping for food and deals assist them in saving money. All the restaurants and stores below offer great discounts to students!

Bulk Barn

At Bulk Barn, a grocery store, you can save 10% off your purchase on Wednesdays with valid student ID. Fun fact, this also goes for seniors as well!

Domino’s Pizza

Select universities, notably UBC Vancouver offers discounts on Domino’s Pizza when you use your UBC ID card or meal plan card.


Receive a free soft drink with your meal when you show your student ID.

Clothing Discounts 

Many clothing retailers across Canada offer discounts to students who show their valid student ID. Take advantage of these whether shopping online or in-store when you can.


Receive 30% off full-priced purchases online.


This sports and casual wear retailer offers 10% off for postsecondary students.

Urban Outfitters

Get 10% off your purchase on select days with your student ID.

Tech Discounts 

As a student, it’s highly likely you’ll need to buy some tech items during your degree, such as a laptop, tablet or iPad. Luckily, certain technology retailers offer discounts to students and different sales deals throughout the year.


Get discounts on various Adobe Suite software. In fact, there are more discounts presently due to COVID19.


Microsoft is often running deals and students can save up to 10% on selected products. Be sure to check the website regularly as the products on sale will change often.


Student Pricing also exists indefinitely for any iPad and any iMac/MacBook. See the “Shop for University” link at the bottom of Apple’s website.

Travel Discounts 

For international students looking to travel Canada while they are here, look no further than the companies below. They are often offering student deals for those with the travel bug.


StudentUniverse has partnered with Air Canada to give students the best deals on flight tickets. See their website for more details.


Save 10% on the fare with valid student ID and 25% with an ISIC card.

VIA Rail

Students can travel across Canada with a Youth Pass for $239. This pass includes 6 travel credits to use during a period of 6 months. 

Membership Discounts 

Finally, there are also many deals available to students purchasing memberships or subscriptions. Whether it’s the gym, a delivery service, or a journal, the deals are out there for you!


Students can get a 50% Amazon Prime service, which entitles them to unlimited two-day shipping.


See their website for discounted rates on student memberships.

The New York Times

Post-secondary students get 50% off regular subscriptions via the College Rate.

Other Discounts

Students in Canada can also use services that offer discounts across sectors. the website UNiDAYS offers discounts exclusive to students in areas such as technology, fitness and health, lifestyle and even fashion. Here, you’ll be able to find discount codes and coupons that you can utilize in-store or online next time you’re in the market for a new item or service. Be sure to take advantage of this site, they have many discounts that are often changing, get your coupons when you can!

Saving money is not as hard as one might think! As a student, you have access to tons of different deals in areas like food, clothing, tech, travel, memberships and more. These discounts come from diverse companies including Urban Outfitters, Adobe, Freshii, GoodLife and other services/stores. All in all, being aware and using these discounts could save you more money than you expect; being underbudget is also a nice surprise!

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