Toshi Found His Dream Job in Vancouver

Originally from Indonesia, grew up in Guangzhou, then Shanghai and graduated High School in Singapore. Since the age of four, Toshie Kaligis has always been immersed in multicultural environments. It made his move to Vancouver a lot smoother. On top of that, Toshie mentioned that Vancouverites are really friendly and welcoming.

Inspired by his mother who has built a career in the advertising industry, Toshie pursued his bachelors degree in Communication Design in an art and design institution. Without much knowledge and experience about North America, he bravely got his student visa and flew here just to experience unfamiliar surroundings. That was over 7 years ago.

His love for Vancouver has grown exponentially over the years. Growing up in busy Asian cities with lots of hustle bustle, he finds that Vancouver has the perfect balance of the grind yet offers a lot of options of places and things to do to enjoy downtime. He currently works in an Advertising Agency and describes the work ethic here is fairly progressive as it embraces inclusivity. He suggested current students to network and look for internships before graduating, as that helped him land his current job.

After opting his Post Graduation Work Permit and fulfilling his requirements, he recently became a Permanent Resident of Canada through the Canadian Experience Class Program. He mentioned that the process was a long awaited for about one and a half years, but it was worth it.

Most of his downtime though, he spends it looking for courts around the city to dribble his basketball. He “lives and breathes basketball,” as he describes it. His passion with the game has introduced him to many in the city with the same interest, making it easier for him to make Vancouver feel homey. On top of that, he was lucky enough to have his partner’s and her family’s company during quarantine. Toshie is really looking forward to what else Vancouver has to offer and is always open for any opportunities that come his way.

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