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Good news! British Columbia announced that starting from 12:01am on Friday, March 11, covid restrictions will ease up. There will be no need for facial coverings or masks, whether indoor and outdoor, and vaccine passports will also likely be cancelled starting April 8.

*Please note that the above information is only for students’ reference and will not be updated. Students can go to the provincial official website for further information

British Columbia

Starting at 12:01am on Friday March 11, there will be no need to wear masks indoors and outdoors, and the vaccine passport will be cancelled on April 8.


The mask order and the restriction on the number of indoor and outdoor parties have been lifted. The vaccine passport was also announced that it was no longer needed on February 9.


The vaccine passport was also called off on February 14. Saskatchewan was also the first Canadian province to lift all restrictions on February 28 including no longer needing to wear masks, both indoor and outdoor. Also, those who were tested for COVID-19 do not need to be quarantined.


The vaccine passport no longer has to be presented starting March 1st, but masks must still be worn. However, it is planned to call off masks on March 15.


On March 1, the covid restrictions on the number of vaccine passports and indoor and outdoor gatherings were lifted. The Ontario government has also announced that from March 21, Ontario schools and public places will no longer require masks, but will be required in public transit and hospitals.


The restrictions on the number of vaccine passports and indoor and outdoor gatherings have been lifted on March 12. The provincial government also plans to cancel the mask order in the fourth quarter, but it is still necessary to wear the mask when taking public transit

New Brunswick

All Covid restrictions will be cancelled on March 14th. 

Nova Scotia

Since February 28, restaurants, bars, sports events, health rooms and other activities had not required guests to show their vaccine passport. 

Prince Edward Island

Vaccine passports have not been required since February 28th. On March 17, the capacity limits of large gatherings will be increased. By April 7th, all capacity limits are expected to be cancelled altogether. The provincial government also plans to abolish the mask order and all indoor and outdoor number restrictions some time between April and July.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Restrictions were cancelled on March 14th, but the vaccine passport vaccine passport will not be expected to be called off until the end of March. Newfoundland and Labrador will follow suit and end the epidemic restrictions on the same day as New Brunswick.


All restrictions on novel coronavirus pneumonia include: wearing a hood in public indoor places and showing a vaccination passport vaccine passport is still effective.

Northwest Territories

The only requirement is for people to wear face masks in indoor spaces.


Since the last month (February), outdoor parties can accommodate up to 50 people, and indoor parties can accommodate up to 10. However, masks will remain mandatory for the time being.

Although the epidemic situation began to slow down and the provinces began to relax, students are advised to take preventive measures to protect their families and families. It’s normal that you still may feel wary. If you are more comfortable wearing your mask, you are more than welcome to do so. Stay safe and healthy!

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