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University of Manitoba has a history of more than 140 years, the largest and only medical doctoral university in Manitoba, Canada, U15 member-Canada’s 15 top research universities, and the first university in Western Canada , School of Medicine, College of Agriculture and College of Engineering are the best universities in Canada.

It is worth mentioning that ICM is located inside the main campus of University of Manitoba. In other words, ICM students can share all the resources of the University of Manitoba, including libraries, gymnasiums,  gyms, indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, etc. In addition, ICM students can apply for dormitories on campus and enjoy intimate humanistic care and intelligent service equipment.

College of Agriculture and Food Science

Manitoba’s leading professional, teaching and research programs are among the top in Canada; through the study of sustainable agricultural practices, the exploration of renewable biological resources and the development of safer and healthier foods help global development and reduce the consumption of the earth. This major also includes Co-op in the government, agricultural industry and overseas exchange projects (Sweden, Mexico, France, the United States, etc.) Graduates can apply for positions, such as,  plant biotechnologists, food inspectors, animal nutritionists, commerce and trade offices of government departments, etc.


Canada’s oldest engineering college, with ISIS Canada Research Network, is one of Canada’s excellent network centers; it has Canada’s only alternative energy village, and a real laboratory designed and constructed with some alternative building materials and alternative energy. Graduates can apply for positions, such as, construction engineers, structural engineers, technical managers, project managers, budget engineers, etc; the main employment areas are airlines, power companies, construction companies, etc

I. H. Asper School of Business

It has the accreditation of AACSB International Elite Business School (only 5% of universities in the world have obtained this accreditation), and also has the accreditation of the North American Association of Business Professionals, ranking third in Canada.  Paid internship Co-op projects will also be provided to students. Graduates can apply for positions, such as, accountants, auditing, human resource managers, senior managers, etc. These positions could be found in  finance, banks, securities and insurance companies.

School of Environment, Earth and Resources

Committed to solving future environmental problems facing the world, we gather experts from different disciplines to look at the problems facing the earth from multiple perspectives, which is unique in Canada.

School of Arts

The school of arts will focus on cultivating oral and written communication skills, research skills and critical thinking skills, which equip students with the crucial skills for their future.

School of Science

Through the most extensive science courses, students have the opportunity to conduct research with world-renowned scientists and participate in Manitoba’s largest paid internship Co-op project, exploring unknown areas and create the future.

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